So, what happened?

---===【NEWS】===--- More issues. No, nothing todo with Matrixventures being corrupt again.
It's just that recently, I've been stressed out for the past week or so.

So I decided to take (yet) another break from the project until the storm blows over.
Services have been temporarily suspended until the weekend.

In the meantime, JoshTheJosher is hosting a project of his own:
He decrees that you, the Matrix Users, have until December 18th
to submit data of his satire fight to JoshTheJosher himself.

What is this "satire fight" you ask? Well, JoshTheJosher is fighting against Smash Pictures, and he wants YOU to help.

If ya wanna join in on the action, the video explaining the fight is shown at the bottom of this transmission.

Datastream sent directly to him, shall be compiled and shown on his personal dimension.
The deadline is on December 18th. So you have until then to get your battlestations ready!

-= JOSHTHEJOSHER - Who's going to win? SUBMIT YOUR VIDEOS!! =-

I'm looking forward to the conclusion of that fight, so I'm thinking of doing a Matrixventures miniarc about a rivalry between the two.

PS: JoshTheJosher, if you are reading this. Then I wish you the best of luck.
My Matrixventures skit for the video, due to high stress last week, may not be finished by the deadline.
I have decided to make a "preview" to show on the channel. You may be sent the datastream in a few days.

Once the "preview video" is finished, I'll work on the rest of the project on my own time, when I get my motivation back.

Anyway, I wish you all a happy Tuesday!!

Breaktime aswell as some updates.

---===【NEWS】===--- This is Cyberman speaking. I had to take a break from The Matrix for a little while.
It's been a few days since I performed the massive system backup consisting of multiple terabytes of data.
I took the break, because I felt as if I earned it. Also because my motivation needed time to heal.
It was exposed to a event spirals of technical issues aswell as political/motivational issues.

Also, the Dimensional Stability Generator is back! It had to be exposed to some cleaning.
No data affected, unlike the last times. I knew I can't just keep reparing the data by hand.
Anyway, not a bad break. I got to play some retro games to pass the time!

Discord Bridges are going to be a thing soon, so uh, look out for that.
It's been a while since I last made a skit, figures the IRC Skits needs some updating.
And because YouTube removed the annotations, I have to reupload the whole video with the bridge attached.

Maybe, maybe not. But we'll wait and see what happens.

Power Outage

---===【NEWS】===---   Recently, in the middle of a SUPER ACE GAMER PREIMERE, we suffered a power outage.
Somehow, another lightning strike slammed our dimensional stability servers.
Yes, the motherboard is alive and well. We were only just forced offline, nothing more.

Upon inspection, we found out The Matrixventures was corrupt again because RPG Maker wasn't closed gracefully.

As a result, I had to unplug from The Matrix for a few days while fixing the damage.
Luckily, we had a backup copy that was a few days old. So not too much has been lost.

Special greetz to Mike Maverick [SAG], The SUPER ACE GAMER of AESUGEMA!!
If you haven't already, go check him out as he's one of the cool retro dudes I've seen.
Anyway, I better start fixing/optimizing my badly coded mess of a Grid. So uh, sayonara for now!!!

Another System Failure

---===【NEWS】===---   So, yesterday the Dimensional Stability Generator took another shit.
Thankfully, it was only just the Operating System this time!

Anyway, we're working on restoring the data again.
For now, the Grid of RETROGRYDON is currently running on a backup system.


---===【NEWS】===---   After a long time, we FINALLY have the IRC Dimension, online within The Matrix!

I had to go through some Hell getting that thing up and running.

From the motherboard issue, to VERSION issues within the IRC Dameon's Anope Interface.

But nonetheless, it's finally up! Speaking of finally up, restoration has been completed!

(...Shit. I forgot The Grid doesn't parse Japanese yet.)

The IRC Server, RETROGRYDON is available at -= cyberdia.ddns.net:6667 =-
For more information, such as basic IRC help and Clients to download, goto IRC on the ENTRANCE PAGE.


--- END OF LINE ---


---===【NEWS】===---   A major power surge overloaded the modem, damaging the Network Card
and frying the Dimensional Stability Generator's motherboard that powered The Grid of RETROGRYDON.

We believe that the MASTER CONTROL PROGRAM had something to do with that lightning strike.

(This MCP incident didn't really happen, I made it up to show the devastation incurred in the incident.)

As this was out of our control and the issue being mechanical, all users have been reset to Zero for equality.

However, the USERS have been sent to a Polar Dimension for FIVE DAYS, due to dimensional instability.

The Hard Drive was also corrupted, forcing RETROGRYDON to undergo a dimensional format.

I am trying to get all the systems and Grids back online as I'm typing this.

You may have to RE-REGISTER your Redpill identites. ALL IDENTITY DISKS were stored in that fucked drive.

Once all systems are back up, normal operation will resume.



---===【NEWS】===---   We have managed to get back in our Twitch Account!
Therefore, the Matrixventures will continue as normal.
However, we may now start uploading bidimensionally.
What this means is that we upload to two sites at once.


More to come in future...