IRC is an EXTREMELY old dimension. Security is not guaranteed.

You will have to download an IRC Client for the best experience.
If that's too much for you, you may use The Matrix below.

You must be 13 years or older, or have PARENTAL CONSENT.
(Yeah. Even Cyberman has to draw the line somewhere.)


After a long time, Cyberman presents to you all... INTERNET RELAY CHAT!!! Welcome to the IRC Layer of RETROGRYDON!
---=== LEVEL 1 ===---
If you already ARE a power IRC User, you know EXACTLY what to do:
Point your IRC Clients to cyberdia.ddns.net:6667!
...If none of this ancient shit makes sense to you, then read on!
What is IRC? ---=== LEVEL 1 ===--- IRC [Internet Relay Chat] is the oldest Chat System in The Matrix.
Unlike the closed dimensions of today that are Walled Gardens,
these dimensions are open and IRC is not controlled by anyone.

IRC allows for discussion across multiple Channels.
The channels within IRC are prefixed with a #.

For example, #football, #cats, and #techsupport would be topical channels that Users might congregate in.

You can also have private, 1-on-1 conversations with people, and even create your own channels to sprout Subcommunities.
How do I get into the RETROGRYDON IRC Network? ---=== LEVEL 1 ===--- You could use the Webclient on the link. This is to get your feet wet.
However, for the best experience, it is recommended to use an IRC Client.

There are many free IRC Clients available. Some of the most popular ones include:
mIRC and Hexchat
There's also an embedded IRC Client on our site at cyberdia.ddns.net:9000.
However, The Lounge client lacks many features that other IRC clients have.
I heavily suggest using a full IRC client such as those mentioned above, for the full IRC experience.
Because IRC has ancient commands, this documentation is for newer users.
This documentation is a WORK IN PROGRESS and is not final yet.
---=== LEVEL 1 ===--- /join #CHANNEL - Joins a channel on the IRC Grid.
/part #CHANNEL - Leaves a channel on the IRC Grid.
/me TEXT - Action messages. These are usually done in third person.
/nick Nickname - Changes your Alias within IRC.
/quit [REASON] - Disconnects you from the IRC Network.
---=== USER RANKS ===---
Terminal Operators have been summoned, to maintain Network order.
Channel Operators enforce Channel Rules in a given channel.
Whereas Network Operators enforce Network Rules on the entire Grid.
---=== LEVEL 1 ===--- [~] - Terminal Master
The Terminal Master has full control over the Channel.

[&] - Terminal Lords
Terminal Lords can Mute and Ban users.

[@] - Terminal Guardians
Terminal Guardians are Channel/Network Operators.
They can edit Realm Parameters.

[%] - Terminal Knights
Terminal Knights are Guardians in training.
They have lower level perms than the Terminal Knights and Guardians.

[+] - Trusted Users
Trusted Users are like Voiced people on IRC.
They do not have Operator powers, but are generally trusted.

[ ] - -= The Users =-
The Users are the Lifeblood of RETROGRYDON. All of you.
You can access and create channels.
---=== COLORS ===---
---=== LEVEL 1 ===--- Some IRC Clients allow you to type using a 16 color pallete.
By incorporating colors into our text, our writing turns into something like this...

R a i n b o w o f b r i g h t c o l o r s !

Pretty kewl, huh? Once you master a few short commands, you too will be typing a rainbowtastical colors!
Let's look at the various commands.

CTRL + K is used for Colored Text.
CTRL + B is used for Bold Text.
CTRL + U is used for Underlined Text.
CTRL + R is used for Reverse Text.
CTRL + I is used for Italic Text
CTRL + O resets your text prompt back to normal.

Color command (Shortcut): Ctrl + K(text),(background)Message.
Here's a list of colors to choose from.
The commands above can be combined, like in Discord.

0 - White (HEX: #FFFFFF // RGB: 255, 255, 255)
1 - Black (HEX: #000000 // RGB: 0, 0, 0)
2 - Dark Blue (HEX: #000080 // RGB: 0, 0, 127)
3 - Dark Green (HEX: #008000 // RGB: 0, 127, 0)
4 - Red (HEX: #FF0000 // RGB: 255, 0, 0)
5 - Dark Red (HEX: #800000 // RGB: 127, 0, 0)
6 - Purple (HEX: #800080 // RGB: 127, 0, 127)
7 - Orange (HEX: #FF8000 // RGB: 255, 127, 0)
8 - Yellow (HEX: #FFFF00 // RGB: 255, 255, 0)
9 - Green (HEX: #00FF00 // RGB: 0, 255, 0)
10 - Teal (Cyan) (HEX: #008080 // RGB: 0, 128, 128)
11 - Light Cyan (HEX: #00FFFF // RGB: 0, 255, 255)
12 - Blue (HEX: #0000FF // RGB: 0, 0, 255)
13 - Magenta (HEX: #FF00FF // RGB: 255, 0, 255)
14 - Grey (HEX: #808080 // RGB: 127, 127, 127)
15 - Grey (HEX: #C0C0C0 // RGB: 192, 192, 192)
How can I get support? ---=== LEVEL 1 ===--- I am reachable on Discord's Dimensions.
You can reach me there on discord.io/cyberdia.

I am also on Twitter as @Cyberman_Sigma, and via IRC as Cyberman, or Sigma.